Manifest Wellbeing

Clear any limiting blocks & Manifest a Healthy & Happy life

  • Do you sometimes feel frustrated that old patterns are coming back? ..such as limiting stories, beliefs, habits, or even anxiety, stress or pain blocking you from reaching your goals?
  • Have you tried many things to get rid of pain and negativities and heal but you still feel like you are not progressing fast enough?
  • Do you feel there is resistance in the way of you manifesting a life full of health, joy, radiance and abundance ?

You have found the solution:

  • Better health, more time: Imagine having the ability to heal yourself and others rapidly . No more endless hours at the therapists’ practice or at the doctors’ office possibly taking medicine that is barely managing the symptoms and still feeling like you’re not healed. The Manifest Wellbeing program will help you get actual results fast by eliminating the root problem in a natural, easy step-by-step process, raising your vibration and stepping into your True Self which IS vibrating at such a high frequency. You are a healthy, joyful and powerful creator. Let me help you embody your Higher Self and express your highest potential on this Planet!
  • More sovereignty, power and resolve over life’s problems and obstacles: Picture having the tools to overcome any obstacle or resistance that may come your way at any time and feeling grateful for the opportunity to grow instead of feeling stuck, frustrated, sad and in pain again. You will finally be present in your every day NOW moment, no longer in victimhood mentality. Imagine stepping into your self-healing power and how it might feel to be able to overcome anxiety, stress and any other pain that might come up from your old egoic structure, being able to instantly heal for good, while feeling aligned, authentic, powerful, healthy, vibrant and creative!
  • More money, more success: Why not healer yourself? You may want to incorporate this amazing manifestation technique to get faster results in your work and thus get better paid. Let's manifest the abundance we truly deserve!
  • More energy, vitality, joy and peace: Imagine being a powerful conscious manifester, who is aligned with their soul in every NOW moment, listening to their intuition and internal guidance, maintaining high vibrational states every day regardless of what is going on around them, serving the world in an authentic, rewarding and fulfilling way, while reaping the rewards of your passion and enjoying a life full of presence, abundance, happiness, health, creativity and wisdom (all qualities you already have within!)

How does that feel to you? How does that specifically look for you?

Hi, I'm Ella Simona and...

..I know what it feels like to be frustrated, wanting a way out of the Matrix and not sure how to do it, and maybe know deep down that there's more to life but not sure how to get there quicker!

Just a few years ago, my body was riddled with pain. I felt anxiety, stress and depression, I was also suffering with addictions, fear of commitment and public speaking as well as lots of physical pain such as migraines, back, shoulder and joint pain, eczema, sinuses problems just to name a few. I was scared. I was keeping myself small in the victimhood mentality so that I don’t step into my power, my creativity and freedom. I wanted to get out but in the same time I was so afraid of the unknown. I was seeing doctors and therapists for years with no real progress which made me feel frustrated, sad and lonely.

I was attending every in person and online course and event I could find. I hired the most famous coaches and transformational leaders, read every possible book, I was going through psychotherapy (and I am a trained psychologist myself) All of this was offering guidance for the mind. There was a missing component though. All of this wasn't taking into consideration the heart and the energetics of the body. That is why I was still feeling stuck, and that I wasn't progressing fast enough.

I was then guided into receiving these Healing meditations (which I teach in my program) that have helped me receive an amazing amount of unconditional love, joy and peace. This Higher Guidance has 'downloaded' me with the formula for Grow Your True Healthy Body & Mind – which is an amazing unique and fast set of tools, information as well as activation codes and Fast Healing Meditations that have helped many people access their Higher Self, release any negative beliefs and emotions or blocks which are contributing to their pain and awaken to their true healthy Self.

It has helped me turn my life around completely. I came out of depression, no longer feeling anxious or stressed and instead feeling healthy, aware and empowered. I got married and we now have a nearly 3 years old son, which I love to pieces.

I have finally overcome all those painful physical issues too. There is no addiction in my life anymore! I no longer go on the outside to look for pleasure but find that all I need is always on the inside. I listen to my intuition and follow my inner guide which is always taking me to amazing new places and adventures, places I couldn't even begin to dream of with my mind alone.

I have also overcome my fear of public speaking and have started speaking in London before the pandemic and online since then. I now feel I am living a life of purpose, serving people and helping them grow and develop. Which is what I'd like for you as well. If you can imagine it, you can do it! And the fact that you resonated with my work so far means this is meant to be the next step for you in your spiritual awakening and soul evolution!

"I am so grateful for the peace and quiet that I feel after the Biofiled Healing Meditations. During the pandemic, I've been feeling such a high emotional load and anxiety, that I never felt before! These sessions have brought so much clarity and soothed me. I was a bit sceptical at first, but I have now seen first hand the benefits now. Thank you for the wonderful state of mind that I get every time!! xx"

- Diana Tivga, Marketing Director

I’d like to introduce you to my program:

Manifest Wellbeing

** 7 weeks of online transformational coaching and LIVE healing meditation sessions**

Grow Your True Healthy Body & Mind includes a comprehensive online 7 weeks training plus tri-monthly LIVE Healing Meditations & Channelling sessions led by me – Ella Simona Tabarcea. Manifest Wellbeing gives you everything you need – training, tools, methods, healing meditations, hypnosis, live guidance and support to remove any blocks and heal any pain you may have, while awakening your Higher Self, being present and manifesting the abundant and healthy life you deserve.

You don’t need to waste your precious time trying to find solutions from anyone on the outside.

Forget about going through life feeling stuck, frustrated, sad or in pain anymore.

Because I’ve laid down everything for you step-by-step.

And I’ll be guiding you in the live Healing sessions as you learn, transform and implement this amazing Formula. Simply follow each step so that you can transform your health and manifest more awareness and wellbeing than ever before.

You get lifetime access to the training modules and LIVE healing and channelled messages as well as any Bonus workshops we will have.

"For me, this group session was a miracle!! During these difficult Covid times, I began feeling an unprecedented level of stress and anxiety as I work as nurse in A & E. I got the point where I was feeling so unwell and depressed that all I wanted to do all day is cry all the time. Physically, I could actually feel a painful knot in my throat, which was so uncomfortable. So I had a group session with Ella Simona. I can’t really explain how this happened, but I know I felt several things releasing during our session and the knot in my throat just disappeared in the first few minutes of our session!!

The result has been everything I wanted. The knot in my throat disappeared, I am no longer feeling anxious and depressed. I am actually back to my old self again, cheerful, full of life and generally very happy and content. I feel like I can overcome anything that may come my way! Thank you so much, Ella Simona! You are my guardian angel!"

- Claudia T. Simion, Nurse

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The benefits you will get are:

  • You will raise your vibration as you will receive the tri-monthly LIVE Extremely Powerful Biofield Healing Meditations and Channelled Messages which will transmit the highest vibrations and light codes into your body;
  • Though our 7 weeks coaching online course you will learn so many of my signature methods to rapidly clear away any negative beliefs & stuck emotions that are keeping you stuck or playing small; how to stay present; how to maintain 5th Dimension consciousness; how to stay connected to your Intuition and why it felt like guidance was blocked at times; how to manifest your highest desires;
  • You will receive tools that will help you heal and you will be able to heal and assist others who come into your field in entering the 5th Dimension.
  • This Formula could get you to experience better health, get rid of any anxiety, stress and pain so that you may be feeling empowered, radiant, healthy, happy and at peace.
  • This will not only impact your health in a positive way, but you could also apply the tools and techniques to manifest more abundance in all other areas of your life: family, vocation, financial, mental, social and spiritual!
  • You will no longer stay stuck or be overwhelmed by emotions or stress & anxiety, instead, you will expand your awareness and become present and live in the NOW, able to stay connected to your Higher Self or Super Conscious or Source, ingredients necessary to stay in the 5th dimension;
  • You will become more aligned with your purpose and mission in life;
  • You will be more aware of self-sabotaging behaviour and know how to eliminate it so that you can receive the abundant life you deserve;
  • You could finally apply tools to receive amazing results, improving the lives of your clients, or family and friends, should you wish to do so;
  • You will be part of a fantastic community which will be by your side and support you on your way to physical, mental, professional, spiritual, family and social success.

"I felt waves of warmth in the upper part of my body, I could see beautiful colours in my third eye's mind and tingling in my whole body. My state has completely changed, I feel full of energy and joy now "

- Elena Calinescu, Pensioner

Here's how Manifest Wellbeing works:

1. You Get Lifetime Access to the Manifest Wellbeing Online Training (Value $4,000)

The online training course materials, Hypnosis recordings, assessments, videos, resources and everything else you need are delivered through Manifest Wellbeing private member area.

After you sign up, you'll be set up with a username and password and you'll have lifetime access to this course and all the materials, so you can review and refer to them anytime you want.

2. You Get to Participate in the LIVE Biofield Healing Meditations and Channelled Messages with your Coach, Ella Simona (Value $4,000)

To accelerate your manifesting power and your healing journey, and to make sure you are fully supported as you are learning and implementing the step-by-step Manifest Wellbeing you'll receive tri-monthly live Biofield Healing Meditations, Channelling and Coaching Sessions with Ella Simona on Tuesdays 6pm (GMT) Each Session will last approximately 60 minutes.

That's Not All !

The Program Includes:

BONUS #1: LIVE Virtual Workshop: Clear Negative Beliefs & Emotions FAST using Ella Simona's own unique BioHypnosis Reimprinting (Value $2,500)

BONUS #2: How to Manifest your Genius Training (Value $399)

This training takes you through various tests as well as providing you with information so you can clarify your mission and purpose in life.

BONUS #3: Wellness Basics (Value $499)

"I came to Ella Simona feeling unwell physically and I had great abdominal pain. After returning from the doctors, I was still feeling terrible. I was recommended by my friend so I gave this a go. During our session, I felt tingling and vibrations in my body. I was surprised that the pain completely disappeared in the first few minutes. I can't explain it but I'm happy I trusted my gut feeling and went ahead with the session. Next time I might by-pass the doctor all together! "

- Sebastiana Bertelli, Forester



Now, more than ever, you need to be in TOP Health!

This is your opportunity to learn how to heal yourself and stay healthy, happy and present.

This is your opportunity to raise your vibration and show up as a coach and help heal others.

This is your opportunity to give value and grow your community.

This is your opportunity to clear blocks and manifest Consciously the amazing and abundant life you desire.

The total dollar value of the Manifest Wellbeing Program, which includes the Online Training videos, Hypnosis Sessions, the tri-monthly live Biofield Healing Meditations, one LIVE Virtual Workshop and three other bonuses is $11,398.

But that's just the dollar value.

The real value is this: $1076 in 4 monthly payments of ONLY $269 !!

For only $1076 you get the training, tools, meditations, hypnosis, guidance and support to heal and transform your blocks into health, and creativity, stepping into your Higher Self and and speed up your spiritual awakening while supporting others do the same.

You get to live your life feeling empowered, Sovereign and aligned, serving others from the highest level of awareness and living your mission in life.

"During our group session I saw my inner child transform and become more confident and happy! And it was able to give and receive hugs again! What a wonderful experience that gave me so much confidence and peace! Thank you!"

- Oana Vulcanov, Manager

Here's a summary of everything you receive

when you join Manifest Wellbeing:

- Lifetime access to the Proven Step-By-Step Grow Your True Healthy Body and Mind Program (Value £4,000)

- Coaching, Healing and Support from Ella Simona in the six weeks Biofield Healing Meditations, Channelled Messages and Coaching LIVE sessions (Tuesday's at 6pm GMY) ($Value $4,000)

- BONUS #1: Virtual Workshop: How to Clear Negative Beliefs & Emotions FAST with Ella Simona's Unique BioHypnosis Reimprinting Method (Value $2,500)

- BONUS #2: How to Manifest Your Genius (your Mission in Life) (Value $399)

- BONUS #3: Wellness Basics (Value $499)

The total value of the Grow your True Healthy Body and Mind which includes the Online Training Videos, the six LIVE Healing Meditations, Channelled Messages, Clear Negative Beliefs & Emotions BioHypnosis Reimprinting Workshop

Your Instructor

Ella Simona
Ella Simona

Ella Simona is a trained psychologist. She has specialised in many healing modalities including Biofield Healing Meditation, Hypnosis EFT and NLP to help people get rid of dis-ease of any kind, and manifest the best version of themselves.

Course Curriculum

  Module 2: Goal Setting
Available in days
days after you enroll

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund.
Who is this group for?
This group is for anyone who is willing & open to overcome the resistance that is keeping them stuck or in pain. You will know that thoughts affect your reality and you will be willing to transform negative beliefs into positive ones. You will be willing to know the Higher aspect of yourself, which is the key foundation to the Super Conscious Manifesting Formula.
Who is this group not for?
This group is not for anyone who is sceptical to trying new methods of healing. And it is not for anyone who is not willing to explore the Higher more spiritual side of themselves.

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